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My Advertising Pays – have we been here before?

scheme has emerged called My Advertising Pays, which I became aware of recently when I received an obviously pre-fabricated email from somebody known to me as a former Banners Broker enthusiast.
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The Banners Broker liquidation of March 2014

You gotta grow, you gotta learn by your mistakes; You gotta die a little everyday just to try to stay awake. When you believe there's no mountain you can climb; And if you get it wrong you'll get it
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Could LXLE be the answer for those still using Windows XP?

Occasionally I like to do a techy-orientated blog, as my background is in IT although I am far from on the cutting-edge! So it is with the subject of this post, as it's aimed towards those people who are
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When a brand goes toxic

When marketing an opportunity online, even experienced marketers get caught out sometimes. This scenario may be familiar: an associate – not necessarily someone you know online, perhaps you might know him or her personally – presents an opportunity to
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Starting my journey into the world of Silver

A question I like to ask people is: do you like silver? I'd be surprised if anyone actually said no, since silver has a value, it is something that will continue to hold value since, unlike our paper money,
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The Rippln effect of asking questions

Many in the business of internet marketing will have heard of Rippln by now. It is presently in pre-launch with what appears to be a lot of 'push' behind it, and I myself have already heard from several 'names'
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The pitfalls of working for an employer – even a bank

A news report which caught my eye last week was of particular interest to me, since I was once employed by this organisation. The report said that the Co-operative Bank, a smaller UK bank based in Manchester, had posted a
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Cyprus was a wake-up call to everybody

Cyprus was a wake-up call to all of us. Even those who were not aware of the reasons behind the financial crisis and were perhaps not paying too much attention to the banking stories on the news, thinking it had
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Cyprus bank bailout hits savers, prompts bank run

In this day and age, it seems incredible that the ordinary saver can have his or her savings raided to pay for a bailout of a bank, but that is exactly what has happened over the weekend in Cyprus. Put
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Negative Interest Rates – shouldn’t you be looking at Silver?

This past week the Bank of England raised the possibility of negative interest rates, which would mean that rather than the central bank paying interest out to high street lenders for placing money with it, the reverse would be the
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